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Nicotine Pouches Now In Stock!
Nicotine Pouches Now In Stock!
Why Are Bar Liquids Becoming So Popular?

Why Are Bar Liquids Becoming So Popular?

What are Bar Liquids?

Bar liquids have flooded the vape market in recent months and have rapidly grown in popularity due to flavours closely resembling Disposable vape flavours.

Unlike standard nicotine salt e-liquids, bar salts deliver twice as much flavour which is why many choose bar salts over standard nic salts. 

How Can I Use Bar Liquids?

We recommend using the salts in a pod kit, something like the Vaporesso Xros Mini is perfect as its easy to use and has been tried and tested by us personally.  This combination has been the most popular across our store network with over  10,000 Xros Mini kits sold in just a matter of months. Pod Kits require little maintenance and provide a hassle free vaping experience. For an in-depth comparison between disposable vapes and pod kits Click here.

What Flavours do Bar Liquids Come In?

Here at The E-Cig & CBD Store we stock a large range of flavours in the Feast Treats Bar liquids range. Available in 29 delicious flavours, including Watermelon Ice, Blueberry Bubblegum, Blue Razz Lemonade and many more. Click here to browse all flavours.

What Strengths do they come in?

With the majority of disposables coming in a 20mg nicotine strength, there is not much choice for those trying to reduce their nicotine intake. This is where Bar liquids come in.

Bar liquids are available in 3 strengths, 20mg, 10mg and 0mg. We offer the 20mg and 10mg in the 10ml nicotine salts and we also stock 100ml bottles of 0mg bar liquid, which is perfect for those wanting to completely stop nicotine intake whilst still getting that disposable vape flavour.

How Much Can I Save with Bar Salts?

With the average vaper using a single disposable in a day, it can cost up to £180 a month. However, a single bottle of Feast Treats Bar Salts can last up to five days, providing up to 3000 puffs whilst only costing £3.99 per bottle or 3 bottles for £10. This suggest you can save up to £160 a month by simply moving onto a pod kit and Feast Teats Bar Salts.



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