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Nicotine Pouches Now In Stock!
Nicotine Pouches Now In Stock!
How Much Can I Save Through Vaping?

How Much Can I Save Through Vaping?

We at The E-Cig & CBD Store understand that times are tough at the moment for everyone. With Christmas just been an gone and the New Year in full swing we want to ensure that you're having the best vaping experience without breaking the bank. 


The most important part and our personal favourite is the savings. A smoker on 20 a day will spend on average £372 a month on cigarettes. Making that switch over to vaping and more specifically to Pod kits can save you easily £297 a month. The difference is outstanding and in times like these we can all do with a little help.

If you're currently on disposables and are looking to save more, the transition to Pod kits is the best of the best. Disposable's can run up to £35 a week to keep yourself supplied and ongoing whilst a pod kit can easily reduce that cost to £10 a week tops whilst still delivering a better vaping experience for yourself. 

If you're using larger mod kits the best advice we can give you is to start looking into the parts more. Maintenance of these kits can help prevent faults resulting in costly repairs or new kits. Tanks can also be swapped out for better experiences as well as cost effective coils. Taking the time to look after your kits and ensure it's clean and running effectively will always save more in the long run on expensive replacements.

Whether you're new to vaping or just looking to save more as you use here's some of the best changes you can make:


If you're just coming into vaping and trying to cut out cigarettes or lower your intake, disposables are the best way forward. It lets you try everything before committing to vaping and is generally inexpensive to do so. If you're a first time Vaper this is the way to start and see if you truly enjoy the experience and savings before committing to larger kits and devices.

On average these can be around £6 in stores and around £5 online, lasting 600 puffs of the device you can see these aiding you for several days at a time or with more avid smokers around one a day. These are still expensive overall running up to £35 a week, however in comparison to cigarettes which run around £100 a week, they are still much cheaper. 

Our personal recommendation is non other than Fog Bar, delivering smooth taste and power it's one of the best to get you started on the experience and seeing those savings. 

Pod Kits

These inexpensive beauties are getting better and better with each passing day and are the ultimate way to transition from disposables to better savings. They are comfortable hand held devices that sit snug in the pocket, similar to disposables but allow for more power, flavour and most importantly, savings.

These kits will on average cost around £10-£40 to get started and come with some additional pods for you to use. The pods themselves are replaceable and cost effective coming in around £2 - £3.50 per pod and needing changing on average once every 1-2 weeks. 

They allow the use of Freebase e-liquids, Nic Salts and even Bar Salts. Giving you a huge selection of flavours and brands to try and test. These typically coming in around £4 for the most expensive and top of the line flavours there are and lasting around 3000 puffs it's the best way to swap from disposables and into better savings. 

Our personal favourite at the moment in the Vaporesso Xros Series. Powerful, Reliable and always cost effective. They deliver everything you need and more. We also offer Starter Kits that come with additional pods and Bar Salts to make the transition easier and cheaper than ever before.  

Mod Kits 

These larger kits are the pinnacle of the vaping experience at the moment, delivering power, flavour and nicotine like nothing else. There's such an incredible range with outstanding brands pushing and developing the field that choice becomes endless. 

The price ranges for these kits can vary massively with starter set ups being as simple as £40 up to over £100 for the more avid elite vape fans. They allow for maximum customization and comfort in your vaping experience delivering flavour, power and nicotine like never before. 

Each one has unique coils and tanks that they use and parts are generally interchangeable allowing for you to build something that suits your needs. Coils on average running around £3-£5 and lasting similar to pods around 2 weeks.

These generally give access to everything previously as well as 50ml and 100ml liquids otherwise known as Shortfills. These are large 50ml & 100ml 0 nicotine bottles of liquid that you add nicotine to yourself using nic shots which better allows you to control how much nicotine you're taking. The bottles can run up to £15 but you'll see them last you a month each time with over 30,000 puffs a bottle. That's the same as 50 disposables! 

Our personal recommendation when first stepping into this would be to try the Vaporesso PT60, lean and comfortable in hand delivering 60 watts of power allowing a clean and flavour vaping experience with an instant hit of nicotine. 


Coming in 10ml bottles with choices of 10mg or 20mg these little packages hold more flavour than any disposable on the market and deliver the saving right to your bank. 

With the best known brands constantly evolving and pushing these and strong outstanding flavours, there's never been more choice for yourself allowing for a custom vape experience tailored to your needs. You have to use these in either a mod kit or pod kit but the results are amazing and savings wise you can be cutting huge huge amounts out constantly. 

We always have been and always will be avid recommenders of the Feast Treats Bar Salts range. The flavour is intense and smooth every single time with great deals such as 3 bottles for £10, you can't go wrong here. That's 9000 puffs or 15 disposables at £6 each around £90 in total all for £10! 


These 50ml and 100ml bottles bring strong flavours, smooth tastes and the ability to customise your nicotine intake more. These are for when you've found those perfect flavours and know exactly what you want. 

The ranges for these are just as insane as before and fit comfortably in mod kits delivering you what you want. Plenty of brands have released Salts in Shortfill variants so that you can easily transition from your favourite pod kit and salt into a mod kit and Shortfill.

Some of the best ranges can be offered here with the Feast Treats 100ml range, Bad Panda and even Frenzy Vape Co. delivering the best of the best at all times and most importantly the savings like never before. £15 for 30,000 puffs! That's 50 disposables! Around £300 worth!


What's the best for you? 

We can go on and on about the savings and effectiveness of each style of vaping but ultimately it has to be about your taste and preference. Whether you're new to the scene and are making the change from cigarettes or you've been here a while and are looking for more savings there is always something best suited for yourself and we're always here to help. 

If you need anything or have any questions or concerns please feel free to message us at and we'll do our best to ensure that you're getting the best tailored experience from people who understand vaping. If you're out and about and pop into one of our stores the staff there will be more than happy to help with your journey. 

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