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All New Feast Treats Soda Range Now Available!
Disposable Vapes vs Vape Pod Kits

Disposable Vapes vs Vape Pod Kits

Disposable vape kits have rapidly grown in popularity within the vaping industry in recent times. This has been mainly due to the the simplicity and ease of use which is highly appealing to new vapers. However, before the disposables became the most popular vaping product worldwide, people enjoyed using pod style vaping devices.

Pod Vape Kits have also been massively popular due to its versatility and simplicity factors.

Disposable kits and pod kits have a some things in common but the main similarity is that they both appeal to those beginner vapers, experienced vapers and those trying to quit smoking, as they want the simplest way to put down the cigarette.

However, pod kits and disposable devices do have their differences which play a large factor in which one you should be using. Price is an important element when deciding on which device to use and can be the deciding factor for you.

Which has the better value out of a pod kit or disposable vape device? Find out below:

Pod Vape Kits

Pod kits are specifically low powered vape kit which utilise a disposable vape pod instead of a tank which you find on a traditional vape kit.

There are two forms of pod systems which can be used, closed pod kit and open pod kits. Firstly, a closed pod kit uses pre-filled disposable vape pods, which cannot be refilled with e-liquid. This makes them ideal for beginners who prefer simplicity and means no need to be using e-liquid to refill your pod. Simply pop off the used pod and clip a new one in. Examples of this type of kit is the Elf Bar Mate 500 Kit or the Elf Bar Elfa Pod Kit.

Open Pod kits, use empty pods which you fill with e-liquid of your choice whenever you need to refill. Some open pod kits come with a fixed coils, so when the coil burns out you simply throw the pod away and pop on a fresh one, making them just a simple to use as pre-filled pod kits, the Vaporesso XROS Mini Pod Kit is an example of this type of kit. If you don't like the idea of throwing the pods away, there are some kits which allow you to replace the coil without replacing the pod like the Elf Bar FB1000 Pod kit. This means when the coil eventually burns out, pop it out and slide a new one in.

Another advantage of open pod systems is that some of then come with higher power which allow them to take sub-ohm coils. This means you can now enjoy a sub-ohm vaping style without the need for large box mods and a sub-ohm tank.

Pods are also easy to assemble and maintain, however you usually get less advanced features like an adjustable airflow which you get with high quality tank.

Pods systems have built their popularity due to the simplicity and are often used as starter kits for anyone new to vaping.

E-Liquid | Vape Juice

One of the main differences between pod kits and disposables is the e-liquid options which can be used when using a pod kit.

Disposable vapes are pre-filled with a 10mg or 20mg nicotine strength depending on the brand, but if your looking for a lower nicotine strength or zero nicotine you may find you have less choice in the disposable range.

With open pod systems there is choice of thousands of e-liquids. Open pod systems can utilise Nicotine Salt E-Liquids like the Feast Treats Bar Salts which taste identical if not better, than disposables and also have the advantage of lasting up to 3000 Puffs per bottle whereas a single disposable vape lasts up to 600 Puffs per device. Pod systems can also be used for 50:50 freebase nicotine e-liquid like the ECS e-liquid range, which is better for those who are looking to cut down their nicotine consumption, giving you flexibility in your vaping experience.

Disposable Vapes Vs Pod Vape Kits

Both pod and disposable vape kits are ideal for anyone looking to quit smoking.

However, which is better is completely your preference. Disposable kits have no maintenance and can be perfect for those who are used to cigarettes. On the other hand, pod kits give you much more flexibility and a much larger range of e-liquid flavours as well as customisable settings and options, tailoring the vape to you and your needs.

Disposable Kit Pros:

  • No Maintenace
  • Mess Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Quick to Set Up

Disposable Vape Cons:

  • Single Use
  • Fewer Flavour Options
  • More Expensive 

Pod Kit Cons:

  • Huge Variety of Flavours
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Customisable Options

Pod Kit Cons:

  • Requires some maintenance 
  • Requires Refilling

Disposable vape kits usually hold a high level of nicotine and have no options to gradually decrease nicotine levels as they usually come in 10mg & 20mg with some brands now offering 0mg. However, Pod kits allow you to use liquids with varying nicotine levels (0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg) which allow you to slowly decrease nicotine consumption.


Cost plays a large role when deciding whether to go for a pod kit or disposables.

Disposables may seem cheaper to get started as they can be purchased for as little at £4 per device. However, they don't last long, those coming off smoking may realise that a 600 puff device only lasts them one day or less. When you buy a disposable pen, it is a one off cost and no other accessories need to be puchased.

Pod kits are generally more pricey than single disposables, but a good pod kit can now be puchased for as little at £15 with free e-liquid. Despite having a higher initial cost, pod kits will last much longer than disposables as they can be recharged and refill them with e-liquid which can be found from as little as 99p or £3.99 for for a good quality liquid. Therefore the cost of re-filling will be cheaper than a disposable and much ore cheaper than cigarettes. 

If your looking for the best value for money e-liquid we recommend the Feast Treats Bar Salt e-liquid as they have managed to make them last up to 3000 Puffs per bottle which is 5 times more than the regular disposable vape, whilst making them taste just as good as disposables hence the name Bar Salt.

Overall both pod kit and disposable vape kits can provide you with great value and your decision should be based on functionality and features that suit you best.

When considering a disposable kit or a pod kit, it is important to take into account whether you prefer a one off relatively large payment of a series of small costs over a period.

If your aim is to quit smoking, either disposable or pod kit is more than suitable, however, if you do choose a disposable kit, you should have the goal of switching to the pod kit as this will help you with the ultimate goal of reducing nicotine consumption to zero.




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