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All New Feast Treats Soda Range Now Available!
All New Feast Treats Soda Range Now Available!
Introducing Bar Juice 30,000 - 100ml Shortfill

Introducing Bar Juice 30,000 - 100ml Shortfill

Introducing Bar Juice 30,000: Revolutionise Your Vaping Experience

Welcome to the future of vaping with "Bar Juice 30,000" – a groundbreaking e-liquid that's here to transform your vaping sessions. Designed specifically for pod kit users, each 100ml bottle delivers an extraordinary 30,000 puffs, combining unprecedented longevity with top-tier quality.


Experience the Familiar in a Remarkable Way

Bar Juice 30,000 is unique in its ability to replicate the flavours you love from disposable vapes, elevating them with richer, more nuanced profiles. Whether you're a fan of the convenience and taste of disposables or looking for a more sustainable option without sacrificing flavour, Bar Juice 30,000 is your answer.


A Flavour Spectrum to Explore

Embrace a world of flavours with our six specially crafted varieties:

1. Banana Ice: Creamy banana with a frosty finish, reminiscent of your favourite disposable vape flavour.

2. Strawberry Cherry Raspberry: A harmonious blend of berries, offering a sweet and tart experience akin to popular disposable choices.

3. Mad Blue: A mysterious mix of blue fruits, echoing the popular blue razz disposables with an added depth.

4. Lemon & Lime: Zesty and vibrant, similar to disposable favourites but with an extra zing.

5. Fresh Menthol Mojito: A cool, minty sensation, offering a familiar flavour from disposables with a refreshing twist.

6. Pineapple Ice: Tropical and icy, delivering the exotic taste of disposables with a richer pineapple essence.

Optimal Blend for Pod Kits

Bar Juice 30,000’s 50VG/50PG ratio is meticulously formulated for pod kit users, ensuring a smooth throat hit, exceptional flavour fidelity, and consistent vapour, making it perfect for both new and experienced vapers.

Uncompromised Quality and Safety

At the core of Bar Juice 30,000 is our commitment to quality and safety. Each batch undergoes strict quality checks, adhering to the highest standards and ensuring compliance with vaping regulations.

Embrace the Bar Juice 30,000 Experience

Vapers worldwide are already lauding Bar Juice 30,000 for its exceptional replication of disposable vape flavours in a more sustainable form. From the invigorating Fresh Menthol Mojito to the sweet Pineapple Ice, the response has been phenomenal.

Available Now

Bar Juice 30,000 is ready for you. Available online and at selected retailers, it's time to elevate your vaping experience. Choose your favourite flavour and enjoy a familiar yet enhanced taste sensation.

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