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All New Feast Treats Soda Range Now Available!
The Top 5 Disposables To Try in 2023

The Top 5 Disposables To Try in 2023

Disposables have always been the best entry point into vaping. Whether swapping from cigarettes or just trying something new within the industry, disposables have been the method of choice for many people. So we've hand picked our favourites coming into 2023 and what we believe will scratch that itch for any vape loving fans. 

No 1.

 Fog Bar - Killing the Elf on the Shelf

This delicious 600 puff disposable has taken over and really made a name for itself. Solid, clean flavours, smooth silky hits and it's long battery life has really impressed us all here and will continue to be a staple amongst the vaping community. 

With flavours similar to the world renowned Elf Bar, it has seen great reviews and continues to push into the hearts of vapers. It has a unique stylized and bold design to boot, feeling comfortable in hand and on the lips. The only reason it's so high on this list is because we couldn't wait to tell you about it sooner! 

With 20 delicious flavours and favourites such as Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice, Watermelon and even Blue Slush you'll feel right at home with these disposables and the variety on offer. If you've never tried or just want to give something new a chance then we'd highly recommend these 600 puff devices.

No 2.

SKE Crystal Bar - Shine Bright Like a Diamond 

SKE brought the Crystal Bar to everyone's attention mid 2022 and made a huge impact on the disposable market. Being one of the first to push for a quality Mesh Coil inside the disposable, these devices can boast their strong flavours and nicotine delivery like none other. 

They represent bold and unique flavours that are rarely seen in disposables such as Fizzy Cherry, Fresh Menthol Mojito and Lemon Peach Passion Fruit. If you're looking for new tastes and something a little different you may find a favourite with Crystal. The range is large already and keeps improving as time goes on. 

No 3.

Elf Bar - Why Elves? 

You've known it and loved it since 2018 and of course they're still here in 2023. Elf Bar disposables dominated and changed the industry with the release of their 600 puff disposable back in 2018 and they are still pushing that same kit you know and love to the absolute limits. 

With an enormous 40+ flavours under their belt and specialised holiday releases, Elf Bar have made their name synonymous with quality and variety. The more they do the better they get and they truly provide a safe experience for any vape enthusiast. It's the recommended starting point for anyone interested and you can never miss with Elf Bar.

No 4.

Lost Mary BM600 & QM600 - We hope they find Mary!

Sister to the Elf Bar and powerful in its own right, the Lost Mary 600 puff disposable vape devices have seen an explosion in popularity since their release in April 2022. The unique designs caught peoples eyes at first but the flavours and power of these kits kept them coming back again and again. 

Rocking an impressive 24 flavours these devices can pack quite the punch and provide a comfortable grip like no other. The BM600 is the one everyone knows being a box style device that fits snug into the palm and pocket. It's been taking the nation by storm as expected and everyone is fighting to get their hands on these.

The Lost Mary QM600 take a crystal form factor with a clean clear casing which simply put, looks beautiful and smart. Similar to the Crystal bar these devices boast a mesh coiling to allow a smooth clean and powerful hit every single time. The range also holds a respectable 18 flavours and some of our personal favourites such as Cherry Peach Lemonade, Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate and a refreshing Cola; you'll not want for much more. 

No     5.

Klik Klak - Sticking together

There's a lot of change within the industry and new innovations breaking the stereotypical formula and none other than Klik Klak demonstrated this with their 2022 release. They have used a patented Magnetic design to allow two of their devices to be stuck together delivering a twist of flavour combinations. Is it the most popular thing to come out of vaping? No, but is it interesting and worth a try!

With a simple 10 flavours under it's belt and the unique magnetic system they have been able to create a whopping 55 flavour combos to try. Whether it's seen as a simple gimmick or becomes your personal favourite we believe it's always worth giving something a go and we've have personally enjoyed playing with the combos and the satisfying noises the magnets make as they klik and klak together. 

What's best for you?

These are just some personal and fun favourites we've put together to get everyone to try something a bit different and see other sides than the same old flavours. It's nice to have found something you like but variety is the spice of life and we've thoroughly enjoyed testing and trying the new innovations that come out constantly within the industry. 

If you are ever unsure or just want to ask more then please do not hesitate to reach out to ourselves. Whether you are popping in one of our many stores nation wide or reaching out via email (, Instagram or our live chat, we want to ensure that you have knowledgeable, welcoming staff that can assist you in any questions you may have. 

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