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The difference between an 80/20 and a 50/50?

The difference between an 80/20 and a 50/50?

Many of our first time customers and people coming into our shops, are not aware what these ratios refer to. The baseline is that the higher the ratio of VG to PG, the higher quality the liquid, and the thicker the liquid will be...(VG = Vegetable Glycerin, PG = Propylene Glycol)

A lot of e-liquids come in either a 70/30, or an 80/20 mix. either of these liquids will perform well in any kit and any tank. They will give thicker more tasteful clouds, and will make your coils last longer. However these liquids will come with a higher price, as does everything that is high quality.

50/50 flavour is a very common ratio, and will most often be found in the cheaper more basic flavours. These flavours will be more than adequate in any starter kit of basic unit, but in a cloudchaser or sub-ohm tank, would result in a burnt coil after a few days and a very dry hit.

Examples of our higher quality thicker flavours include; Zombie Juice, Dinner Lady and Nasty Juices.

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