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Mouth to lung vaping VS Direct lung

Mouth to lung vaping VS Direct lung

 So if your here im guessing your wondering what any of these words mean, so we will start from the top (there will be images ). Understandably it can be very intimidating to consider stopping smoking the thought process of;

'have i got the will power?'

'is it going to be a massive cloud chucking device that makes you look like a train coming down the road?'

'will it even work for me?'

That is the benefit of having physical stores or the forums you can find all over the internet and facebook, the position your in now many others have had to face these dreaded questions. But with the right know how and a little bit of knowledge it can get your pretty far along your journey.

so there are two kinds of devices MTL (mouth to lung) or Sub ohm (direct lung) and as described these explain the flow of the vapour and there are two very big differences between them.


Mouth to lung

   Mouth to lung as seen in the image above goes in two stages, when inhaling the vapour it first hits the back of your throat and then into the lungs. This is the style of vape that closely replicates a cigarette its tight restrictive and has that satisfying hit at the back of the throat. Not only that but it creates much less vapour in comparison to its counter part. These devices come in many different forms, usually they tend to be smaller in overall size, you have your classics (Innokin t18E, Innokin cool fire IV, Aspire Pocke X to name a few) but as of recently a new type of device has took over the market, the pod system such as your Smok Nord, Voopoo vinci & your Uwell Caliburn.

   These devices have opened up the world to a more simplistic way of vaping, the fully enclosed refillable disposable pod. No faff with coils (which is the heating element that turns your eliquid from a fluid to a vapour) once your cotton inside your coil has began to degrade over time ( on average depending on device and usage 2-4 weeks) you pop the pod out throw it away and a new one is in its place. AMAZING

      For your MTL style devices we normally recommend a liquid ratio of 50/50 that's equal parts VG and PG, due to most mouth to lung coils having a high resistance rating and them needing to be ran at lower wattage, a 50/50 juice is ideal because its easy for the cotton to wick up the liquid and you will find using mtl as apposed to direct lung you will use less liquid. On top of that you can have a higher nicotine strength in a mtl device.


Direct Lung-


   So direct lung or sub ohm or DTL all mean the same thing its a device that outputs alot of smoke, runs at a high wattage and has a low resistance rating on the coils. These devices tend to be used more for your big flavours, big cloud chasing hobbyists. Mainly due to the fact of shortfill bottles (so 50-100ml) tend to be more complex in terms of concentrates used and are often thicker liquids( 60-40/70-30) designed for use in a dtl style device. Multi layered flavours with countless options. But as these devices put out alot more vapour a lower nicotine strength must be used. Direct lung as assumed goes straight into the lungs so your unlikely to get any throat hit. Its a much airier drag, some people have even said it feels like they need to inhale harder to even get a hit.

In Summary -

   But vaping is always subjective in every term possible. Flavours, kinds of devices preferred, nic strength. Everything can be customizable, vaping is not something to be worried about it can be a fun experience opening your eyes to a whole world you didnt know about until you decided to throw away the ciggies.

  1.    There will always be an adjustment period as it is a different type of experience in comparison to cigarettes. Key tips to start; low and slow, so start at a low wattage (if adjustable, most mtl devices run between 6-16 watts even preset mtl devices) and when you start vaping the first few days take it easy. Take slow pulls no need for a massive inhale and a huge drag. Just press hold and ease into it. Over time youll start getting a bit braver. Vaping can be suited to exactly how you prefer.
  2. When filling your tank or pod or whichever device you went for let the liquid sit in there for a good 10-15 minutes for the cotton to wick up the liquid. Vaping dry cotton is not nice !
  3. Keep your liquid in your tank or pod at least half full at all times, this guarantees the longevity you should be getting out of your coils.

If you still have more questions pop on our live chat and a friendly face will be more than happy to advise you. And no question is a stupid question were here to help.


Mouth to Lung    (see starter kits/pod systems)


  • Preferable for new vapers
  • Best simulates smoking a cigarette
  • Smoother throat hit
  • Better flavor
  • Lower cloud production
  • Can use high nicotine
  • Best with 50/50 liquids
  • Low-wattage device


Direct-to-Lung   (see sub ohm)


  • Advanced technique
  • Doesn’t feel like an authentic cigarette
  • Harsher (but becomes smoother with experience)
  • Diminished flavor
  • Massive clouds
  • Lower nicotine content suggested
  • Works best with high VG liquids
  • Used with sub-ohm setups



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