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Let's talk about Ohms

Let's talk about Ohms

So as you've noticed alot to do with vaping is surrounding ohms, you've probably heard this little word float about numerous times but what is ohms? 

Let's start from the top

So as you can see the ohm is the electrical resistance your device would run at. But why are ohms important?

So the ohm of your coil essentially personalizes the way you prefer to vape. A coil with a resistance lower than 1.0 ohm (e.g 0.2ohm) would be classed as a sub ohm coil which would put out alot more air and flavourful vape. As you can imagine the more air that enters the coil the more vapour production you get.

With a lower resistance of a coil it also means they require more wattage to perform how they should. 

 Based on that if your coil is 1.0ohm and higher (1.2ohm) this would be a mouth to lung style coil which hits more like a restricted cigarette type vape. These coils tend to use less liquid but do require a thinner liquid 50/50 is perfect and would require the coils to be ran lower in wattage. Each coil does have a suggestion on the back to what the coil runs best at. If you run a high resistance coil high it will burn the coil. If you run a low resistance coil low it will burn the coil faster than it normally would. 


So in summary the higher the resistance the more restrictive it will be. The lower the resistance the more airy free flowing the vapour production will be. So if you want big clouds and less of a throat hit go for a lower resistance. If you want a tight restrictive vape go for a higher resistance. Most coils do have a variation of ohms but if your ever unsure just remember



Have a great day guys. Hannah @the

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