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Feast Treats Bar Salts - 3000 Puff

Feast Treats Bar Salts - 3000 Puff

Feast Treats Bar salts are truly game changing for the vape industry due to being inspired from the Elf Bar disposable vapes. Feast Treats Bar Salts are not your average nicotine salts with average flavour, Bar salts provide twice the flavour of standard nicotine salts, whilst a single bottle provides up to 3000 puffs.

Bar Salts can be used in any pod device and will provide maximum flavour and you'll never go back to disposables. A single 10ml bottle of Feast Treats Bar salt will last you the equivalent to 5 Elf Bar disposables. To put that into perspective, a single 10ml bottle will cost you £5.99, whereas 5 elf bars will cost you £25, that's almost a £20 Saving!

The Bar Salts are available in 14 popular disposable bar flavours, which include Blue Raz Lemonade, Watermelon Ice, Kiwi Passionfruit Guava and many others.

Try one bottle and you'll never go back!

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