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Nicotine Pouches Now In Stock!
Nicotine Pouches Now In Stock!

IQOS TEREA - Amber Tobacco Sticks

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IQOS TEREA - Amber Tobacco Sticks

Amber TEREA is a harmonious blend of roasted tobacco, offering a mild yet classic tobacco flavour.

Simply open the cap on your IQOS Iluma and insert the TEREA tobacco stick, aligning it with the filter away from the device. To initiate heating, press the button for at least 1 second until your IQOS ILUMA vibrates and the light flashes.

The innovative SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ ensures an enhanced experience compared to previous IQOS models. Please note that TEREA tobacco sticks, featuring a fully sealed tobacco component, are not compatible with IQOS ORIGINALS DUO or any earlier blade generation devices. Usage of a TEREA stick with a device utilising blade heating technology may result in damage to the blade.

A single TEREA stick provides a smoking experience similar to a cigarette, lasting for 14 puffs or up to 6 minutes, whichever occurs first. Each pack of IQOS TEREA sticks contains 20 tobacco sticks meant for one-time use. Anticipate this pack lasting as long as a pack of 20 cigarettes.

Important: Do not use IQOS ILUMA and TEREA sticks with previous IQOS generations, as this can harm your device. Refrain from ingesting or disassembling TEREA sticks. This product contains a sharp metal component that poses a risk of serious injury if swallowed. Keep it out of the reach of children.