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All New Feast Treats Soda Range Now Available!
All New Feast Treats Soda Range Now Available!

IQOS Iluma One Kit

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IQOS Iluma One Kit

IQOS Iluma One Kit

Introducing the groundbreaking IQOS Iluma One Kit - a revolutionary all-in-one tobacco experience. Crafted for ultimate convenience, this sleek, compact design ensures a discreet IQOS tobacco heating encounter.

Experience the future with the enhanced IQOS SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™. Bid farewell to the laborious cleaning routine of the IQOS Duo Kit. The ingenious metal heating element now resides within the cutting-edge TEREA tobacco sticks, simplifying your journey.

Dive into a world of flavors with TEREA tobacco sticks, boasting an extensive range to cater to every palate. Remember, for seamless compatibility, avoid using HEETS tobacco sticks with the IQOS Iluma One Kit.

Power up the IQOS Iluma One effortlessly with a USB-C cable, offering approximately 20 uses per charge. A quick 90-minute charge should suffice, ensuring a full day of satisfaction for the average user.

Embrace the IQOS Iluma One Kit, a masterpiece of Heat Not Burn technology. Witness the transformation of tobacco into vapour, leaving behind the harmful chemicals associated with traditional tobacco combustion.


Terea Yellow - Mellow Tobacco blend with zesty notes

Terra Blue - Mellow tobacco blend with deep menthol cooling and peppermint aroma notes.

Terea GreenLightly toasted tobacco blend with balanced menthol cooling and green minty aroma notes.

Terea Turquoise - Lightly toasted tobacco blend with crisp menthol cooling and zesty aroma notes.

Terea Mauve WaveA tobacco blend infused with crisp menthol cooling sensations and indulgent dark forest fruit aroma nuances.

Terea RussetA rich toasted tobacco blend with malty aromas and bold taste.

Terea Sienna - Rounded, toasted tobacco blend with woody and light tea aroma notes.

Terea Teak - Rounded, toasted tobacco blend with nutty aromas.

Terea Amber - Rounded, toasted tobacco blend with light woody and nutty aroma notes.


What's In The Box?

  • 1 x IQOS ILUMA One Device
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 2 x Free Packs of IQOS TEREA Tobacco Sticks