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Vaporesso Xros 4 and Xros 4 Mini Review: Are They Worth the Upgrade?

Vaporesso Xros 4 and Xros 4 Mini Review: Are They Worth the Upgrade?

The Vaporesso Xros series is renowned for its exceptional pod vape devices. When Vaporesso introduced the Xros 4 and Xros 4 Mini, I couldn't wait to try them out. Despite limited samples and the wait while our testers, Lloyd and Corey, put them through rigorous testing, I was eager to see if these new devices lived up to the hype.

So, was it worth the wait? As always, it depends on your needs and preferences. The new devices certainly deliver significant flavour improvements and enhanced functionality with the Xros 4, but they might not be for everyone. Let’s dive into a detailed comparison of the Xros 4 and Xros 4 Mini with the previous Xros 3 and Xros 3 Mini models to help you decide if an upgrade is worth it.

Appearance and Design

The Xros 4 and Xros 4 Mini bring subtle yet premium changes to the design of the Xros series. While maintaining an understated elegance, the Xros 4 introduces a major change: a display screen. Unlike the Xros 3, which lacked a screen, the Xros 4's display is essential due to its new functionality. The screen lights up with a colourful curve, indicating battery life and the mode in use.

Although both new devices are slightly larger than their predecessors, the difference is minimal and barely noticeable unless compared side by side.

Flavour and Performance

Xros series pods are cross-compatible, which might suggest there would be little difference in taste. However, both new devices notably enhance flavour, with the Xros 4 leading the charge. Lloyd commented that the Xros 4 delivers the best flavour and vapour production he has ever experienced in a pod device, even surpassing similar devices in high power mode.

Corey observed a similar improvement with the Xros 4 Mini, noting quicker ramp-up time and better, more consistent taste using the 0.6ohm pod. Both devices, however, were too powerful with 20mg nicotine salts, so a lower power setting or a different device might be preferable for high-nicotine users.

The new Corex 2.0 pods offer improved flavour and claim to last longer, although we are still evaluating their durability over extended use. Additionally, filling these pods remains a delight, with a straightforward pop-off top design, unlike the fiddly bung method used by many other pods. The only downside is that repeated use can cause the cap to become loose, sometimes necessitating a full pod replacement.

Battery and Charging

A common drawback of many pod devices, including older Xros models, is the bottom-located charging port, which requires the device to be laid on its side to charge. The Xros 4 addresses this with a side-located charging port, allowing it to stand upright while charging. However, stability may vary, as Corey experienced issues with the device falling over.

Battery life remains similar to previous models, lasting around a day for most users. The Xros 4, especially in high power mode, can last over six hours of heavy use. While a slight increase in battery capacity would have been appreciated, the quick charging time is a significant advantage, especially for the Xros 4.

Functionality and Ease of Use

The Xros 4 Mini introduces an adjustable airflow slider, a feature absent in the Xros 3 Mini, which had fixed airflow. While the Xros 3’s airflow was already optimal, the slider provides flexibility for those who prefer adjustable airflow settings.

The Xros 4 offers more dramatic changes with three power settings, impacting flavour, throat hit, and nicotine delivery. Changing modes requires pressing the button three times, which briefly activates the device. Despite this minor inconvenience, the functionality enhancements are worthwhile.

Xros 3 Mini vs. Xros 4 Mini

If you’re specifically comparing the Xros 3 Mini and the Xros 4 Mini, here are some key points to consider:

  • Design and Build: Both devices are compact and portable, but the Xros 4 Mini feels slightly more premium with a refined finish. Both maintain the sleek, minimalist design that Xros users love.

  • Adjustable Airflow: The Xros 3 Mini has fixed airflow, which is well-calibrated for a satisfying vape experience. The Xros 4 Mini, however, introduces an adjustable airflow slider, allowing you to customise your draw to your preference. This feature provides a significant edge in terms of versatility.

  • Flavour and Performance: Both devices offer excellent flavour, but the Xros 4 Mini edges out with quicker ramp-up time and more consistent flavour delivery, especially with the new Corex 2.0 pods. If flavour intensity and consistency are your priorities, the Xros 4 Mini is a clear winner.

  • Battery and Charging: Battery life is comparable between the two devices, generally lasting a day of typical use. The side-located charging port on the Xros 4 Mini allows for more convenient charging compared to the bottom port on the Xros 3 Mini.

  • Ease of Use: The Xros 3 Mini is straightforward with fixed settings, making it ideal for beginners or those who prefer simplicity. The Xros 4 Mini, with its adjustable airflow and slight learning curve for power settings, offers more control for experienced users.


  • Basic Device: Stick with the Xros 3 Mini for simplicity.
  • Adjustable Airflow: Opt for the Xros 3, Xros 4, or Xros 4 Mini.
  • Fastest Charging and Best Flavour: Choose the Xros 4 with Corex II pod, if you don't mind some button adjustments.

While we previously recommended the Xros 3 Mini for most vapers seeking a simple yet effective device, the Xros 4's superior taste and functionality make it our new top pick.

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