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All New Feast Treats Soda Range Now Available!
All New Feast Treats Soda Range Now Available!
Best Pod Kits So Far 2023

Best Pod Kits So Far 2023

With the hype around vaping ever growing and more and more people jumping to try, it we decided to take a look at some of the best vape and pod kits we've seen in 2023. Whether your looking to change up your vaping habits or making the shift from disposables to save cash, we've got a break down of what to look out for in the industry. If you're new to vaping and are looking to make the transition off of cigarettes then we would highly recommend disposables which we have a handy guide for here. Then if you find you like what you've had, come and check this guide out on how to get more involved in vaping. 


Before we start listing endless kits for you to enjoy we firstly wanted to cover some of the immense savings that you can experience by making the swap. If it's from disposables over to pod kits you can save heaps! If you find that a 600 puff disposable ends up running out on you after a day then making the change to a pod system such as the ones below can save you £30-£40 a week! 

Why is this? Simple really, other than the initial expense of purchasing the device which varies depending on what you want (anywhere from £10+), the maintenance and upkeep of these is cheap and cheerful. You can get bundles of liquids and coils for the devices that end up saving a lot in the long run which we will cover more below. 

Top 5 Pod Kits

We wanted to ensure this list brought with it the best of the best for 2023 and what we've truly been impressed with so far, as well as representing some of the outstanding brands that are revolutionizing this field and working hard to ensure that you get the best experience possible. 

Vaporesso Xros Series

Whether it's the Xros Mini, the Xros 2 or the 3, these little devices have never let us down and delivered more punch than we anticipated. They fit snug into the pocket like any other disposable and boast powerful mesh coiling for better flavours and instant nicotine delivery like no other. The difference between each is simply the ability to customise your hit. The mini is a simple charge and go system, whilst the Xros 2 and 3 both have airflow control and a firing button for the device. 

Pods themselves are inexpensive sitting around £3 a piece and the 10ml salts we recommend - Feast Treats - sits around £3-4 a piece and lasts the same as 5 disposables! 3000 puffs of the same delicious disposable flavours all in a little bundle. The savings are constant with these kits and are our go to for people looking to make the change from disposables as they are simple and easy to use. 

For just the kit itself it can run you £19.99 which will come with a pod for you to use it straight away with your favourite juices. Or if you like our liquid recommendation we also have a bundle at £31.99 which comes with additional pods as well as 3 x 10ml bottles of Feast Treats! The perfect way to get yourself set up and going with these perfect little systems. 

VooPoo Argus P1

This little device came out around December 2022 and delivered with it's fast charging capabilities and unique design. Shaped similar to the Lost Mary these capable little devices enjoy a 0.7 ohm coil which delivers strong and potent flavours and a clean hit of nicotine. 

Whilst featuring a unique clear case design that lets you see the circuit board for the device the part that really impressed us was the Battery. Long lasting in itself but also fast charging! 0%-100% in just 18 minutes! There's never any down time with this device and keeps you happily vaping day in and day out. 

The kit itself runs at £25.49 and comes with one of our own Feast Treats Bar Salts which delivers heaps in flavours when paired with this fantastic device.


Simple and pretty these shiny little pod kits have shown us something different. Fitting comfortably in the pocket and delivering in flavour these devices show us some unique innovation. Typical pod kits generally omit having displays however this isn't your typical pod kit! A nice LED display shows all the information needed to tailor your vaping experience around you!

It also raves a clean 0.6 ohm coil and is effective in it's delivery of nicotine. A clean clear flavour, Anti leaking pod system and displays for all the vitals, this kit has it all in a simple small package that you can take on the go and enjoy for hours. Whether it's a night out or simply whilst at work the device is cool and comfortable for any vape enthusiast. 

Our little bundle with this bad boy brings with it additional pods as well as the standard and quality 3 x Feast Treats 10ml bottles all at the low price of £39.99! The power is in your hands with this 25w, 900 mAh battery, you'll be enjoying this kit all day long before worrying about any battery needs.

ElfBar Mate 500 & Elfa Prefill

We'd be remise if we didn't talk about Elf Bar at least once during all this and they have come in cleanly with a their Prefill kits to help save money and deliver in that same quality Elf Bar Flavour you've known and loved. With the same shape and design as the standard Elf Bar these kits let you swap the pod at the top out for other Elf Bar Flavoured pods and let you keep on using the device as you go. Saving money on every turn. 

The kit is nicely designed and comfortable to hold and use like the traditional Elf Bar Disposables. It's set to have a prefilled pod so you can only vape the Elf Bar flavours but if that's your taste then the pricing makes it a very simple choice to swap over. 

Coming in at £4.99 for the Mate 500 (£4.99 for 2 prefilled 2ml pods) and £7.99 for the Elfa (Comes with one pod and is £5.99 for 2 Prefilled 2ml pods). These devices are cheap and cheerful. Not as cheap as swapping over to a pod system in the long run but far more bang for the buck in comparison to purchasing a single Elf Bar outright! 

GeekVape One

We couldn't tidy up this list without mentioning the GeekVape One kit. Arriving in 2022 this little beauty has been a constant with ourselves since and has seen plenty of progress in the field. Low Ohm coils and a powerful long lasting battery this device has everything you need to get stuck in. Did we also mention it has fast charging capabilities as well. 

A slim and clean design is also backed by Geekvapes sturdiness. They know as well as we all do that we can, and have, dropped plenty of our kits and devices before and this pod systems design is built around that. Strong, sturdy and effective, drop resistant and water resistant you'll be enjoying this device for a long time before it wares down. 

With the Geekvape logos and specialist features comes a price however and this is the top end of the Pod system spectrum. Coming in at £35 for the kit or £49.99 for the bundle which includes spare pods and the 3 x Feast Treats Bar Salts, you just can't go wrong here. 

What's best for you?

As always if you are ever unsure of what is the best for yourself then please reach out to us, whether in store or online we always welcome anyone wanting to know more and will do our best to ensure you have a vape experience tailored around your needs as well. You can reach out to us on email or on the live chat feature on the site during our opening hours. 


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