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Vampire Vape Salts 20mg


Nic Salts feature the same nicotine found in cigarettes, without the high-risk ingredients found in traditional tobacco products. This form of nicotine absorbs into the bloodstream much faster, therefore effectively curbing cravings. Such juice is often recommended for new vapers or those who struggle to frequently vape throughout the day.


Flavour Menu -


  • Heisenberg      -  Blueberry, Aniseed, bubblegum menthol
  • Pinkman          -  Mixed Fruits, Strawberry
  • Blood Sukka   - Cherry, Aniseed Menthol
  • Catapult        -   Blackcurrant Summer fruits
  • Sweet Lemon Pie
  • Black Jack   
  • Sweet Tobacco
  • Charger       - Fruit, Menthol Aniseed
  • Vamp toes      -  Blackcurrant Menthol
  • Ice Menthol