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Nasty Nic Salt 20mg

nasty salt 20mg

For that satisfying kick from your liquid with a mouth watering koolada.

10mg & 20mg


50/50 pg vg

Nasty salt comes in a variety of premium flavors see descriptions below;

Trap Queen- sweet garden strawberries with a refreshingly minty undertone

Hippie Trail-  Expect a blast of citrus fruit followed by sharp lemon and tropical lime

Silver blend- intriguing blend of rich smooth tobacco artfully combined with vanilla custard. Expect a dark tobacco inhale finished off with a sweet finish on the exhale

Bronze Blend- layers of sweetness and rich tobacco tones, featuring a woodier tobacco and a distinct caramel on the exhale

Asap Grape- a blend of black grapes, mixed berries and tones of low mint

Bad Blood-Juicy blackcurrant flavours dominate the inhale followed by icy mint tones on the exhale

Cush Man- mango, tropical fusions and icy undertones

Slow Blow- Led by its pineapple flavor and a soda sherbet follow up this liquid will have your lips smacking.