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Kingston 50/50 100ml


Named after their home town of Kingston Upon Hull (commonly known as Hull)
in the Northeast of England, Kingston E-Liquids offer straight ahead, no messing,
great flavours at great prices


Flavour Menu -

Raspberry Blackcurrant jam Donut                               Fruit Pastilles

Blackcurrant Raspberry Lemonade                               Grape Fizz Soda

Blackcurrant Chill                                                          Heisenberry

Blackjack                                                                       Heisengrape

Blue Raspberry Gazillions                                             Heisenstrawberry Kiwi

Blue Raspberry Slush                                                   Menthol

Bubblegum Gazillions                                                  Pinkerton

Cherry Chill                                                                  Red A

Chuckleberry                                                                Strawberry Lime

Doctor popper                                                             Vinberry Soda