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Black Widow 100ml




Sherbet Lemon Like a sweet vape, with a bit more ZING? The sweet citrus notes of our Lemon Sherbet are followed by that familiar sherbet crackle and fizz to deliver a fabulous vape that livens up your palate.

Strawberry Milkshake Everyone’s frosty favourite! Cold, premium strawberry ice cream blended together with whole milk and fresh strawberries. So good, you’ll feel like you’re at the diner..

Vinto An English favourite. Our Vimto flavour is made with the finest blackcurrants and mixed fruits. This flavour will leave you with a fruity fizzy sensation on the tip of your tongue..

Banoffee Pie Try our classic banoffee pie, but without all of the calories of the real thing! It’s the perfect blend of fresh bananas, whipped dairy cream and rich gooey toffee for those with a sweet tooth..

Berry Soothers Our Berry Soothers is a mix of fresh berries and menthol. You’ll recognise the taste of this soothing sweet and vape it all day long.

Black & Blue Take two best sellers, Blackjack and Burg, and put them together to make a brand-new Best Seller. With the sweetness of aniseed sweets with the cool flavours of Burg, you’ll love it! .

Black Ice Our Menthol Blackjack puts a cool twist on this all-time favourite. .

Black Jack An appealing combination of sweetness and aniseed is pure black magic. Like the classic sweets, it keeps you coming back for more. A reassuringly familiar flavour that takes you back to your youth. .

Blackcurrant Lemonade Our Blackcurrant Lemonade gives you that old favourite blackcurrant fruity drink, and the fizzy lemonade twist..

Blue Magic Our secret blue recipe will give you a cool sweet vape all day long. 

Cherry Soothers- Soothing cherry and menthol, this delicious cool sweet flavour is a classic.

Forrest Fruits - With the refreshing taste of vibrant berries, this flavour is fresh! It’s the perfect blend of sweet, rich and tart Forest Fruits..

Pink Lemonade Made with the taste of fresh raspberries, mixed with fizzy lemonade. This Pink Lemonade will have you reminiscing about hot summer days with a cold fizzy drink..

Starburst Treat yourself to the citrus and mixed fruit tastes of Starburst, with tangy citrus fruits, and sweet mixed fruits in a chewy candy flavour!